The Story of Vine Leads

Discover how Vine Leads came to be, what it stands for, and how it can help you


Vine Leads was set up by myself, Grant Cole - an Online Marketing Enthusiast.

After working as a consultant and employee with a number of companies, ranging from startups to enterprises, I came to realise that, regardless of their size, they were always interested in generating more, high-quality leads.

I came to realise that, in most cases, the reason they were struggling was due to a lack of a tight framework that made sure every element of their marketing arsenal had a purpose and had a tangible way to prove it was creating results.

Grant Cole

Founder of Vine Leads

Because of this, the most beneficial thing I was able to do for every company was to implement a marketing funnel - a system that would not only provide them with better results but also provide them with full visibility over.

My first marketing funnel allowed a small IT Support company that had struggled to genereate new clients to finally be found on Google and turn their website visitors them into sales calls.

Then, my second marketing funnel allowed a recruitment company to finally move away from the shadow of Reed and Indeed and finally 

After this came the my third marketing funnel which I used to generate leads for myself as a consultancy - at a time where I had zero contacts to call on.

Finally, I used a marketing funnel to help an enterprise software company supplement their time-consuming cold calls and expensive events with a source of leads from online content marketing.

These experiences proved something to me.

It proved that a marketing funnel was the answer to every business that I came across and always became the framework that I worked in to generate growth.

Not sure what a marketing funnel is? Download your free guide here!

It allowed me to look at cold hard data and make decisions based on fact, rather than feeling.

Not getting enough people to my website? I knew I had to boost my social media, my SEO, and my paid advertising.

The conversion rates of people signing up to my email newsletter? Time to look at my calls-to-action and my lead magnets.

Low numbers of people moving from my email list to customers? Let's look at my email funnel and see what's not working.

It's very exciting when you know you can start growing your business with clarity and consitency and that's why I'm excited to have you here with me. 

So, while you're around this website, absorb information, get inspired, get excited, and always feel free to ask my questions when and if they arise.

Grant Cole
Founder of Vine Leads