The Story of Vine Leads

Discover how Vine Leads came to be, what it stands for, and how it can help you


Vine Leads was set up by myself, Grant Cole - a Digital Marketing Enthusiast.

After working with a number of different tech businesses, I quickly realised the biggest problem they were facing was in generating high-quality leads with consistency.

Through trying to solve this problem in my career, I tried every strategy I could get my hands on. Cold emails, social media, blogging, networking events - you name it, I tried it. Did I generate leads? Sure. Was it time-consuming and unpredictable? Absolutely.

If I wasn't working 100% of the time, my lead generation suffered.

Grant Cole

Founder of Vine Leads

It was when I started to work as a freelance marketing consultant that it really started to come together. No longer was I simply generating leads for other companies, needed to generate leads for myself!

That meant I needed to be efficient with my time and generate high-quality leads. I simply didn't have the time to spend long amounts of time, to end up speaking to unqualified leads.

So with that, I created my Digital Marketing System. One that allowed me to generate, scaleable, high-quality leads automatically and with consistency.

Suddenly, my problem wasn't whether I could generate enough leads - it was whether I had enough time to get back to them.

And that is the story of Vine Leads.

A journey of discovering how to fix one of my greatest problems, and offering this to companies within the software sector.

I'm excited you're here, and I'm excited to share with you the strategies that have helped myself and numerous other companies grow.

Are you excited as I am? Well then let's talk.