The Story of Vine Leads

Discover how Vine Leads came to be, what it stands for, and how it can help you


Vine Leads was set up by myself, Grant Cole - an SEO & Content Marketing Enthusiast.

After working as a consultant and employee with a number of companies, ranging from startups to enterprises, I came to realise that, regardless of their size, they were always interested in generating more, high-quality leads.

I came to realise that, in most cases, the reason they were struggling was due to a lack of visiblity from their ideal audience online.

Often they were doing everything corectly, but just simply weren't being found.

Grant Cole

Founder of Vine Leads

Because of this, the most beneficial thing I was able to do for every company was to implement a powerful SEO & Content Marketing straetgy - a way to allow their company;s website to be found by their target audience, as well as the content resources to provide to them, once they were there.

It was through SEO &Content that l allowed a small IT Support company that had struggled to genereate new clients to finally be found on Google and turn their website visitors into sales calls.

It was SEO & Content that helped me provide an enterprise software company with a source of leads that supplemented their current efforts in events.

It was SEO & Content that helped me to generate leads for myself as a consultancy - at a time where I had zero contacts and not much publicity in the market to call on.

These experiences proved something to me.

It proved that a SEO & Content can be the answer to any tech business, regardless of size, that's looking to find a way to organically and consistently generate predictable growth.

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It's very exciting when you know you can start growing your business with clarity and consitency and that's why I'm excited to have you here with me. 

So, while you're around our website, absorb information, get inspired, get excited, and always feel free to ask my questions when and if they arise.

Grant Cole
Vine Leads