The Story of Vine Leads

Discover how Vine Leads came to be, what it stands for, and how it can help you


Vine Leads was set up by myself, Grant Cole - a Content Marketing Enthusiast.

After working in with a number of companies, ranging from startups to enterprises, I realised that at every level there was a struggle in creating high-quality content with consistency. Not only this, the content that was being created wasn't effectively set up to achieve the tangible business goals content marketing promises.

Grant Cole

Founder of Vine Leads

The two problems that caused this were normally a lack of understanding, a lack of time, or both.

But this made sense. Sometimes we had a conference on Tuesday, a product launch on Wednesday, and a press release hitting the world on Thursday - the last thing on our mind was sitting down and writing a 1,000 word blog.

And that was just writing the damn thing. If I hadn't spent hours on serious content research, I knew the work I put into my article may not be returned in revenue.

The issue was that I knew the foundation of successful online lead generation required us to consistently offer value in the form of high-quality content. It was only through this that we could demonstrate our company, and our software, was the answer they’ve been searching for. 

And so, because of this, I set up Vine Leads, so that software companies could finally have full confidence they could solve these two issues.

Firstly, that their content would be of the highest-quality, and then be found all over the webb.

And secondly, that they would never again have to worry about finding the time or internal resources to make it happen.

I’m very excited that you’re here and I’m very much looking forward to offering you the solution to one of your biggest problems.

Grant Cole
Founder of Vine Leads
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