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Vine Leads

Learn how to implement powerful online marketing

I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketing teams generate traffic, leads, and revenue by promoting and teaching powerful online marketing strategies

How does it work?

1. Traffic

Use a combination of search-engine optimisation, social media, and paid advertising to put your company in front of the people that need it the most

2. Interest

Create a powerful portfolio of helpful, valuable content that proves to your target audience that your product or service is the perfect answer to their problems

3. Lead Gen

Use tools such as content upgrades, lead magnets, and more to turn your interested readers into high-quality, qualified leads

4. Nurture

Through the power of email marketing and retargeting, you can continue to offer your leads valuable content and offers to help generate more revenue

4-Step Guide to Online Marketing


What you'll learn:

  • How to find out what content your target audience is looking for
  • How to turn your interested readers into qualified leads
  • How to get more people to read your content
  • How to use automated email marketing to nuture your new leads into clients or customers